Dear Fellow Industry Professional:

Thank you for your interest in this interactive guide to the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Alarm Contractor and Installer Certification Rules that are effective on October 1, 2008.

We hope that you find this guide helpful.  As you work with it, here are three things that you need to keep in mind:

  • This is simply a reference guide only and not intended to represent an interpretation of the adopted certification rules.
  • Specific questions regarding the rules and their interpretation must be directed to the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s office.
  • While we’ve tried our best to verify the accuracy of the information, Protex Central, Inc. cannot be responsible for any actions or decisions that you make based upon using this guide.


    1. Download both files (PCI Alarm10 97 Grid.xls and PCI10C.doc) to the same directory on your computer
    2. Verify that you have internet access available
    3. Open the PCI Alarm10 97 Grid.xls file
    4. Click on any of the shaded cells to follow the reference within the 277 Regulations document
    5. Click on the link within 277 Regulations document to download Contractor and Installer applications directly from the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s web-site.

Special thanks to Ron Hoover, chair of the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Fire System Contractors Advisory Board, for devising the spreadsheet upon which this guide is based.

/PCI Alarm10 97 Grid.xls PCI Alarm10 97 Grid.xls  78.50 KB  16.09.2008 04:56 

/PCI10C.doc PCI10C.doc  70.00 KB  16.09.2008 04:30 




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